Art and Urbanism in Temporary Times

Global Urban Studies TORS in collaboration with PB43 and Kulturhavncordially invite you to a public debate:

with Steen Andersen (former coordinator, PB43), Lizette Bryrup (artist), Erik Duckert (PB43 / BETON artspace) and Christian Liljedahl (artist)

It is popular these days to advocate temporary, instant and makeshift urbanism and urban cultural productions. This is in line with broader tendencies within art, architecture and culture; but it is also very much the result of an urban development that rarely leaves any space for creativity, alternatives and the underground.

So what are the challenges and opportunities in thinking short-term and immediate in art and cultural production in urban space? We welcome artists, event-makers and others involved with PB43 and Kulturhavn365 to discuss these and related issues.