Berlin Soup Art Festival Copenhagen

BERLIN SOUP is an exquisite love pop potpourri of the arts, now constructing its second festival in Copenhagen. The Berlin Soup sees art & contemporary culture as global healers in a world of ethical chaos & invisible madness.

The Festival is multi-locational. The first was in Berlin, the second now in Copenhagen and the third is set for Iceland in 2015.

Curators Dalmose & Raphael live in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have curated several shows together & hundreds of events each. Raphael has written & directed for theatres in New York & other places. Dalmose works with transformative video arts.

Installations, photo & fashion art, sound poetry, cabaret, performances, concerts, vanities, song poetry, circus, bellydancing art streams, workshops, new musical approaches, dramatic performances, video presentations, poetry sound-stations are some of the work our more than 50 participating artists have planned for this years soup.


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