LAK – festival for nordisk lydkunst 2013

LAK festival opens the gates to the old lacquer factory for the second time at Prags Boulevard 43 and invites you to join in for a wealth of experimental concerts, sound performances and sound art installations.

LAK festival’s vision is to present new Nordic, experimental sound art in raw and urbane settings. In 2013 LAK focuses on how sound art is used as a laboratory to explore new forms of sound and new ways to listen to the world. This year’s LAK festival features acoustic computer-instruments, a chandelier of assault alarms, radio art, experimental installation concerts, and a sound bus, which drives you off the festival grounds and takes you away on an adventure of sound.

As a novelty LAK 2013 features eight different workshops you can attend. The workshops operate as sound labs and are managed by acknowledged Nordic sound artists. Among many other things you can sew your own synthesizer suit, build homemade instruments, or be part of creating interventions and sound sculptures in urban spaces.

Please visit or Facebook for more info on artist, workshops and a lot more…

We look forward to welcome you to LAK festival the 26 th -29 th of September, 2013!