FORLAGET PB43 nominated to KPH AWARDS 2012

Forlaget PB43 (publisher PB43) has been nominated to KPH AWARDS 2012 for one of this years best projects.

Forlaget PB43 is part of the user-driven and the social entrepreneurial environment at Prags Boulevard 43 (PB43). In 2012 they published the acclaimed BYEN BLIVER TIL – en urban håndbog – a written collection of the various experiences of active cultural, innovative and social project-doers in Copenhagen.
One of the goals of Forlaget PB43 is to publicize the debate on the alternative uses of the city and urban space, and to give a voice to those behind some of the most innovative projects in Copenhagen today. The initiative aims to establish a democratic platform for entrepreneurs, project managers, artists, architects, designers, students and others with a professional or personal interest in urban development to share their ideas, regardless of the resources available to them.

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